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March 10, 2023

Dear PS 64 Families,

Many thanks to the teachers and families who were able to meet for parent-teacher conferences via Zoom.  Hopefully, next year we can have a change in policy and be able to meet in person.  If you were unable to meet with your child’s teacher, you may contact our parent coordinator, Mary Bosque, or your child’s teacher directly to reschedule.  You may access the report card by logging on to your NYC Schools Account.  If you have any concerns regarding your child’s grades or reading level, you may email the assistant principal, Daniela D’Arcangelo, at ddarcangelo@schools.nyc.gov with a brief description of the issue.  You will receive a response within 48-hours.       

We continue to welcome new families to our school community with love and joy.  They enrich us so much with their language and culture, and it is indeed a privilege to serve them.  Many thanks to the office staff for welcoming and managing the registrations with professionalism and care.  Many thanks to our guidance counselor and teachers for securing school supplies and clothing for our new students.  Thank you to all who donated gently worn clothing and, especially, to PTA board member Ms. Finchem for her help in cleaning and organizing all the clothes we’ve collected so far. 

We spring ahead this weekend for Daylight Savings.  Our days get longer and the splendor of the season of spring is soon to follow.  Set your clocks an hour forward and come, spring, come! 

Have a great weekend.  And, peace be with you. 


Marlon L. Hosang




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