About PS64



We at PS 64 seek to provide a high quality education to students through the provision of a rich core-curriculum.  We believe that high expectations combined with a successful academic program will give our students the opportunity to succeed.  In order for children to fully understand and remember what they have learned, the information must be meaningful to the child in the context of the child’s experiences and development.

Our school seeks to bolster a child’s self-esteem, problem-solving and social skills while establishing a foundation for life-long learning.  We encourage our students to become independent thinkers with the power to discover and learn as we facilitate the learning process for them.  Our focus is on clear expectations and academic rigor.  Our goal is to bring every student up to high standards.

We will achieve these goals by encouraging curriculum activities, which involve critical thinking and encourage students’ discussion and participation.  Students discover relationships between topics and subject areas when they are provided with the opportunity to grasp core knowledge.  We utilize an approach which integrates reading and writing and focuses on process skills.  We have aligned our curriculum to the New York State Standards, which provide guidelines for student achievement.

The emphasis is on interactive teaching and helping students develop confidence in their thinking as they reach high standards and improve their performance.  We expect that the implementation of a solid school wide standards based instructional model, the extended day program and increased professional development will ensure the achievement of these goals.