Parent Involvement Policy


Parents and families of students in the PS 64 School Community participate in school-based planning committees, and in the School Leadership Team.  Parent education activities that relate to building strong home/school partnerships, family literacy, child development and accessing the services of community resources are also available.  To increase parent involvement, PS 64 will:

·       Offer parent training workshops/meetings related to:

1.      Child discipline – Effective discipline for children

2.      Understanding ADHD

3.      How to help children become better readers

4.      Test preparation and how to help their children with reading and math skills

5.      Child health insurance

6.      Asthma:  Prevention and treatment

7.      Personal Safety and Violence Prevention

8.      Stress Management

9.      Child Abuse Prevention/Rules and Regulations

10.   Domestic Violence

11.   Bereavement

12.   Summer Camp and Educational Opportunities

13.   Homework:  How Parent Can Help

14.   Single Parents:  Issues and Challenges

15.   Grandparents raising grandchildren

·       Encourage parents to network with each other and to communicate with school staff.

·       Send representatives to district level meetings, which will include parent leaders who are on school-based committees, and the School Leadership Team.

·       Encourage parental involvement in our school by:

1.      Establishing a school level Parent Advisory Committee

2.      Conducting outreach activities and training parents, especially new parents and non-English speaking parents 

3.      Holding orientation meetings to present the overall goals of our school, as well as specific grade/class goals

4.      Encouraging and training parents to volunteer and assist in classrooms, in libraries and on trips

5.      Distributing notices in the languages spoken by the parents

6.      Provide resources for family outreach to assist and inform parents, and involve them in the school community

7.      Monthly Parent Workshops provided for all parents to develop knowledge of instructional programs, assessments for city and state standards, Chancellor’s Promotional Policy and Student Code of Behavior

8.      Parents will be notified through a monthly calendar, letter and flyers as to the date and time of meetings and workshops to address the implementation of instructional programs

9.      Parents and staff will share responsibility for student performance through Parent/Teacher conferences, School Leadership Meetings, Pupil Personnel Committee, Family Support and Intervention Conferences

10.   Parental involvement will occur through attendance at our annual Fall Back-to-School Night to present and discuss curriculum expectations, assembly programs, and use of parent volunteers for the classroom and lunch programs.  Pilot program for parents as reading partners will be established.  PTA fundraising events to support student achievement

11.   Meetings are scheduled at various times during and after the school day to accommodate parents

12.   Responses to parent written comments will be done through phone contact or written communication

13.   Parent contact will be made through monthly calendars, letters, parent newsletters and phone calls to disseminate information of our school’s instructional programs and performance standards, student assessments and summer programs