Professional Development at PS 64

Coaches/Support Staff

PS 64 has a coach, early childhood instructional specialist, SFA coach, SFA facilitators & IEP specialist.  They conduct professional development workshops, co-teach, present model lessons and develop lessons plans with teachers.  They also assist in the implementation of school wide initiatives, write curriculum and review assessment results of students to inform teaching.  Their role is supportive in nature and not supervisory. 

o   Ms. Stone                          Instructional Coach

o   Ms. Leone                          RTI

o   Ms. Karen MIlls                   SFA Coach


The Principal’s Instructional Cabinet

The Principal’s Instructional Cabinet consists of the following members:  the principal, the assistant principal, the literacy coach and early childhood instructional specialist, and the RTI/IEP teacher.  The team meets weekly to discuss issues around teaching and learning that need to be examined, review and assess programs, plan professional development, and make adjustments, if necessary.  These meetings provide an important forum for looking at what areas need to be addressed by the whole school as well as those issues particular to a grade or certain teacher.  Teachers are welcome to raise issues of concern with the principal’s cabinet for follow-up, either through conversations at grade-level meetings or an email.                          

In-Class Professional Development

Administrators, Literacy Coach, and Instructional Specialists work directly in the classrooms with teachers and children throughout the school day.  This modeling, co-teaching, coaching, conferring, planning and assessing have been very effective in providing teachers with the support necessary to learn new programs, develop expertise in teaching them, individualize instruction and develop and use assessment effectively.  The relationships that develop between the professional development staff and the teachers enable ongoing conversations about issues that are of concern.