P.S. 64 students are required to wear the school uniform.  The uniform is a symbol of unity within the school community.  It minimizes distractions in the learning process.  It is important that you take pride in your appearance by wearing your complete uniform. Always remember that by wearing your uniform you are representing P.S. 64 and your behavior should be a credit to both yourself and the school community.  

The P.S. 64 uniform is available for purchase through Flynn O’Hara at:


During designated dress down days the following guidelines for dress are to be observed by the students at PS 64. Clothing is to be worn in the manner and for the purpose for which it is intended.

1.     Shoes, sneakers or sandals must be worn.  Students must wear sneakers for gym days.

2.     Hats are NOT allowed to be worn in the building by anyone (boys or girls)

3.     Clothing with pictures or lettering associated with drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or off-color messages that are not in keeping with a wholesome school atmosphere are NOT to be worn.

4.     Shorts & skirts must be of a reasonable length.

5.     Clothing that has been cut or torn inappropriately may NOT be worn to school.

6.     Mesh tops may be worn only if a t-shirt is worn under them.  Midriff tops or blouses may not be worn.